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What we do

Borea International is an Importer and Purveyor of Wines and Specialty Goods from Italy and the Mediterranean. Our goal is to import products to the US for Consumers, Connoisseurs, Wine Enthusiasts and Gourmet Chefs with Organic, Specialized Products from the Old World and to educate our Customers in the gastronomic traditions and diversity of Italy and the Mediterranean. We pride ourselves on Authenticity and Quality Control.

Careful & Expert Sourcing of Products

We travel Europe and the Mediterranean and personally source and select all of our Producers, sample their inventory and inspect their facilities and terrain to ensure that it meets our standard of quality that we and our clients demand. In the end, you have high quality organic and artisanal products that add to the unique character of your restaurant, store or your own pantry and/or wine cellar.

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